Facilities / The School

Surfing Zumaia has brand new facilities and offers high quality surfing material and the best surfing guides with several years of experience. The school has 166 square meters divided into three changing rooms (women’s changing room, men’s changing room and a special changing room for disabled people) and a large area that is used for stretching and/or training exercises.


Each changing room has plenty of space (20 square meters approx.) for students to change comfortably, cold- and hot-water showers, private lockers and a toilet. In addition, the school has a waiting hall where students can enjoy a relaxing moment after the surfing lesson, either watching surfing documentary films or their own surfing images. In the part of the gym, there is a big room where students will be able to do physical exercises before going to the water, and apart from this, this space is also used as a room to provide yoga.

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