Yoga / What Is Yoga?

The word "Yoga" means "union", that is, the union of the body, mind and spirit. Hatha Yoga is the modality that is most practiced in the West, and its main objective is that people can reach a physical, mental and spiritual balance. It is a recommended sport for preventions, and it adapts to all types of ages. The specific postures known as "Asanas", help to direct the energy in specific directions, helping to raise our state of consciousness.

The Benefits of Yoga


Yoga also offers many physical, mental and emotional benefits:


Physical Benefits

Increases flexibility

Increases muscle strength

The function of the lungs

Helps improve body posture

Protects the column Improves circulation

Balances the nervous system

Improves the immune system

Improves balance

Releases tensions

Helps to sleep better

Onura mental eta emozionalak

Reduces stress

Relaxes the mind

Increases concentration

Helps to get a personal connection  

Improves attention

Strengthens mental control and willpower

Helps to strengthen self-discipline and self-confidence


Yoga Lessons

Every wednesday at 19:00h.

45 € / hileko
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