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Surfing Zumaia offers you the opportunity to practice Stand Up Paddle surfing in different surrounding of Zumaia. Stand Up Paddle surfing is a modality that adapts to all types of people and ages, and can be practiced alone, with family or friends. 

Depending on the state of the sea, the tide and the number of students, we purpose three possible routes to enjoy this sport and discover incredible sites of the Basque coast. Some of the places that we recommend would be the beach of Itzurun and Algorri, the beach of Santiago or a ride in stand-up paddle surf through the Urola river.


Enjoy this route which begins in the heart of Zumaia. This rout will give you the opportunity to visit the area of ​​Bedua, its islands and the meanders on the paddle surf board.


It is a beautiful and enriching tour to enjoy with friends or family, where you will be able to appreciate the landscape, the ecosystem, the fauna and flora that this place offers.


The route from Itzurun to Algorri is well known among the visitors of Zumaia. This tour offers the chance to observe and admire the popular Flysch, and in Surfing Zumaia, you have the opportunity to do it from the water.


This route starts at Itzurun beach, and from there, we will visit the caves and cliffs that make this place a magical place. After visiting the caves and cliffs, we will arrive at the small and special beach of Algorri.

Santiago Beach

It is the quietest beach in Zumaia. It is protected by the dike of the lighthouse of Zumaia, and rarely has waves.


It is a perfect beach to spend a good day with family and also for the practice of stand-up paddle surfing.

Tours on Stand-Up Paddle Surf

90 minuts/dia

4-6 people

25 € / person

3 people

30 € / person

2 people

35 € / person

1 person

45 € / person

* In all the courses the following material is included: surf board, wetsuit, teachers with years of experience, insurance and new facilities with hot showers and lockers. 

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